Exemption from work abroad

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Exemption up to 60.100 euros

Tax residents in Spain who perform work abroad may, under certain conditions, qualify for an exemption from income tax for income up to 60.100 euros.


In order to qualify for the exemption for income tax purposes, the following conditions must be met:

• You must be a tax resident in Spain;
• There must be employment in an employment contract with an employer who is not established in Spain;
• There must be physical movement abroad to carry out work. It is recommended to keep air tickets, receipts, diaries, e-mails, hotel stays, etc.
• In the country where the work is carried out, a similar tax as the Spanish income tax must be levied. If Spain has concluded a tax treaty with an information exchange clause with the country where the work is being carried out, this is deemed to be the case.

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