Happy Client Score 9,5

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Taxes & Happy Clients? New fashion!

In some way taxes have a negative sound. But that’s old fashion.

The new fashion is that we share a responsibility to care for our society, country and regions. We all want safety, good hospitals and good education. For that we need to contribute.

Of course we will apply all deductions and exemptions, they are made for that and that is the legal way to calculate your final contribution.

We contribute and we hope to attract clients with the same philosophy. It’s easy!

Happy Client Score 9,5

Since 2016 we carry out a yearly request to know the opinion of our clients.

Our last Happy Clients Score request gave a record score of 9,5 on a scale 0-10.

The method we use is the worldwide known Net Promotor Score, with a scale from -100 to +100. We recalculate this to the common Spanish scale from 0-10 and we name this our Happy Client Score. Scores higher than 7,5 (NPS 50) are very good.

We are very proud on this and it shows us that our modern philosophy is well accepted among our clients.

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