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International VAT number Spain

Spanish companies must have a ‘Tax Identification Number’ (the so-called NIF or CIF number) which is also the national Spanish VAT number.

If you want to invoice internationally, you have to report this to the Spanish tax authorities. They should then give the national VAT number an international code (ES for the existing number) and register the number in the international system so that this can be checked for foreign companies and can be included in (electronic) tax returns.

“Criteria from the last century”

In the context of, among other things, VAT fraud prevention, the tax authorities first check whether this is a real company. This happens, in the age of the internet and doing business worldwide, on the basis of outdated and old-fashioned criteria: if there is a nameplate outside, if there is a real office, if there is staff …

If this is not the case, the request for international use is often rejected. And that in this time where many successful companies are starting at home, at co-working centers or at internet cafes.

Difficult to make this easy for you (we are sorry! …)

In practice, this subject is such a challenge that we are devoting a special page to this.

After all, well-intentioned foreign companies are presented with the bill of VAT fraud in Spain with letterbox companies. It can be very frustrating if you already have customers abroad, but can not invoice because of the attitude of the Spanish tax authorities.

Our advise

The Spanish tax authorities are rigid and soon makes it clear that they are not your best friend.

We advise you to accomplish from the start (of course) with your obligations and not to underestimate this subject. This can save a lot of costs and save negative energy.

If you are planning to invoice abroad, make sure that your company has enough substance (office, staff, sales) and meets the (old-fashioned) criteria of the Spanish tax authorities.

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