VAT Spain

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VAT General & Actual

VAT must be paid by SMEs on a quarterly basis in Spain and by the large company on a monthly basis. You will find rates and general information below. But first we inform you about new real time obligations:


Important: “real time 2018”

Spain has introduced a system of almost “real-time” delivery of VAT information in July 2017. In 2018 the delivery deadlines will be further tightened.

This system is relevant for the following companies that have to file a VAT return every month:
• Companies registered in the Register of monthly VAT returns (REDEME).
• Companies that have invoiced more than 6 million euros in the previous financial year.
• Group companies with tax consilidations.

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VAT Rates

The general VAT rate in Spain has increased from 16% to 21% in a few years. There is a reduced rate of 10%, including for real state, and a special rate of 4%. The latter is only applicable in exceptional cases.

VAT           Rate         Examples
High            21%          Most services and products
Low             10%          New homes
Special         4%         Unprocessed food ingredients


VAT recovery

Recovery can be standard (under the ‘regular regime’) only in January. Usually the VAT is refunded after about five months or a message is received that an inspection will take place.

Companies can request the tax authorities to qualify for a special regime (also known as the export regime) which must be filed monthly, but which also means that VAT can be reclaimed monthly.


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