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Our drive > we want to make it easy

We want to make the life of our clients easier so they can spend more time to do business in Spain and to enjoy Spain.

We want our clients to have no worries about their tax returns in Spain. We ensure that the Spanish tax obligations are met.

We do not seek the limits, so there is less chance of inspections (which are not pleasant in Spain).

In this way we contribute to the fact that our clients spend less time on tax matters.


Euro Economics was founded in 1996 in Barcelona by Jeroen Oskam to guide foreign companies and private individuals in financial, tax and legal matters in Spain. The need for professional guidance was big and soon the first employees were hired.

In 2002, the team consisted of 5 colleagues and together with Dick Roest took the step to open Euro Economics Madrid. In 2004, Euro Economics Marbella followed with Barbara Ingenbleek. In 2005, a share was taken in Ibersupport by Edwin van der Westen, later renamed Euro Economics Girona. In 2017 we started with Marieke van den Boom Euro Economics Alicante in La Nucia, in the province of Alicante and in 2019 we opened Euro Economics Mallorca with Vincent Werner.

The work increased, the teams were expanded and we moved relentlessly but happily to larger offices. We now have a team of more than 60 colleagues consisting of lawyers, lawyers, tax specialists, consultants, accountants, payroll administrators and client support staff.

This makes us the largest independent office in Spain that only guides foreign companies and foreign private individuals and we have been able to serve clients from 5 continents throughout Spain.

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