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Many heard in bars but unfortunately not true

“Double taxation is not possible due to the tax treaty”
• With respect to donation and inheritance tax, this is not regulated in the tax treaty. Taxation in two countries is therefore theoretically possible.

“If tax has already been paid in another country, Spain can no longer levy”
• It may be the case, for example in the case of a dividend, that a country has already withheld a withholding tax but that Spain is entitled to apply an additional levy.

“If an income or asset in another country has been taxed, it does not have to be declared in Spain”
• If a person is resident in Spain, the income and assets from outside Spain must also be reported on the declaration in Spain. The settlements under the Tax Convention will then apply to determine if tax about this income or asset is dued or not.

Before you know it is ‘fraud’!

Also on other pages is indicated that the Spanish tax authorities are unfortunately not your best friend. If an income or asset is not declared, even if you have an impeccable fiscal track record, this can be labeled as fraud.

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