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VAT Registration Spain

You may be required to file tax returns in Spain even if you do not have employees or an office in Spain. This is especially a fact for EU companies from other countries that sell ‘online’ to private individuals and companies that hold stocks in Spain. Below you will find information in main lines. If you want to explain your specific situation to us, mail us without any obligation. We will answer you within one business day.

Sell ​​online to Spain from other EU countries

It is mandatory to calculate Spanish VAT and to file a VAT return in Spain if you make online sales of more than 35,000 euros in Spain from another EU country.

Please note: do not be confused by the fact that the limits in your own (EU) country can be higher. All EU countries are allowed to set the national declaration limit themselves, with a maximum of 100,000 euros.


Although the term ‘online’ sales is usually used, the formal term is ‘distance selling’. The VAT declaration obligation therefore also arises if more than 35,000 euros is sold by telephone from another EU country to Spain.

Furthermore, only Spanish VAT has to be calculated if the sales take place to private individuals or companies that are not subject to VAT. If sales are made to ordinary VAT-liable companies, the declarations can be made in their own EU-country.

The declaration obligation arises from the moment that the turnover for Spain exceeds 35,000 euros. The declaration obligation then applies for the remainder of the year and in any event also the following year. However, it is not necessary to wait until this threshold amount is exceeded, you can also opt to invoice with Spanish VAT from the first sale.

Storage space in Spain

VAT registration is also required if an EU company (from another country than Spain) has a storage space in Spain and ‘manipulates’ the goods.

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